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New 17 member Dog Law Enforcement Team

Rendell's New 17 member Dog Law Enforcement Team

The new DLE replaces the old Department of Agriculture Dog Bureau. What will they do? They will regulate how dogs are bred, kept and sold in Pennsylvania.

First of all, Governor Rendell’s proposed 55 page piece of legislation would strengthen animal cruelty penalties. The DLE could issue civil penalties for violations that will be subject to administrative hearings, rather than be heard in the judicial branch. The DLE's prosecutor would represent ACOs in an administrative law court with the approval of the local district attorney.

ACOs could seize dogs at will and charge the owners with cruelty, neglect, etc. according to their subjective judgement. Owners would be responsible for impound fees pending the civil hearing which are quite high. Does that mean there will be sweeping changes in the ranks of the old PDA dog wardens?

Few people fight these kinds of cases (1) because of the inflated holding costs and (2) because of attorney's fees. Both of these financial burdens continue to escalate as the case drags on. Generally, the defendant/victim gives into implied threats of high fines and jail fees and decides it is easier to forfeit the animals.

Under the proposed statutes, kennel owners would pay a surety bond prior to receiving a license. If dogs are seized from an unlicensed kennel, that kennel would have to post bond before taking any legal action. Of course, any owner charged with cruelty will have their license revoked and be unable to receive a new one.

Cage size will be doubled for all dog owners BUT NOT FOR humane societies. Many more specific and detailed requirements for indoor and outdoor kennels are proposed and will be enacted unless dog owners get involved and voice their objections. However, when groups like the Pennsylvania Federation of Dog Clubs were excluded from discussions on proposed changes, it certainly appears the fix is in.

Who are They?
The special deputy secretary for the new DLE is Harrisburg resident, Jessie Smith. ASPCA-approved Smith is the new liaison with the public, dog welfare groups, municipalities and courts. Smith has experience working in the state attorney's general's office and until recently, she served as president of the Humane Society of Harrisburg.

Additionally, the Governor appointed Jeffrey Paladina the special prosecutor for dog law enforcement. Paladina was, until recently, the assistant district attorney in Beaver County. His new duties will include civil animal forfeiture cases and administrative appeals of kennels that have had their licenses revoked. Paladina plans to be very involved in the state's proposed crackdown on unlicensed kennels. Paladina now resides in Harrisburg with his family.

This is a one-two punch aimed at the rights of every commercial dog breeder in Pennsylvania. The animal rights crowd is rejoicing while savvy dog owners should be very very worried. Rendell has made it just too darned easy for these two people to have too much power and influence.

“Governor Rendell’s decisive actions are a great example for other lawmakers who are trying to improve animal welfare conditions in their states and communities,” babbles Bob Baker, a consultant to the ASPCA on anti-cruelty and animal welfare issues. Well, Robert O. "Bob" Baker does not own and operate a commercial kennel nor is he an impartial bystander. Baker was formerly chief investigator of The Humane Society of the United States (HSUS) and is now VP of CAPS - the Companion Animal Society. He claims to be the top puppy mill investigator in the country.

We should mention that Deborah Howard, president and co-founder of CAPS, has a great deal of media experience. Prior to CAPS, she ran an Atlanta-based public relations agency. Howard was formerly with Porter/Novelli -- the lead PR agency with the Omnicom Group --in San Francisco and has worked with newspapers and news services all over the country, such as the Associated Press, The Wall Street Journal, The New York Times, The Washington Post, Chicago Tribune, Detroit Free News, The Miami Herald, The Baltimore Sun, and Dallas Morning News. Her numerous magazine placements include Life, People, U.S. News & World Report, Consumers Digest, Rolling Stone, Elle, Vogue, GQ, Cosmopolitan, Better Homes & Gardens, Working Woman and Entrepreneurial Woman. Howard has also worked as a radio news reporter and anchorwoman. She is a graduate of New College of the University of South Florida with a B.A. in Political Science and has a law degree from Santa Clara University.

Can you say Means, Motive and Opportunity?
Free Dogs for All - Except for the Commercial Breeder

Free the Dogs from the puppy mills. Free dogs for the Humane League of Lancaster County. Free dogs for the Humane Society of Harrisburg. Free dogs for the Chester County SPCA. Free Dogs to the Cumberland Valley Animal Shelter. Free dogs for Main Line Rescue. Who will oversee and prevent this vast conflict of interest and corruption?

The Humane League of Lancaster County reported $5,077,248 in net assets during 2004. Sue West, the president, is also an appointee to Rendell's DLE and was very vocal in the press in support of the new DLE. Nancy Gardner is the president of the Cumberland Valley Animal Shelter and another appointee.

Other Appointees include:
Dr. Ilana Reisner, a dog behaviorist and director of the Behavior Clinic at the University. Reisner attended the Cornell University College of Veterinary Medicine where she completed a residency in animal behavior as a Morris Animal Foundation Fellow. She is past president of the American Veterinary Society of Animal Behavior and the on-line behavioral consultant for the Veterinary Information Network.

Dr. Charles Newton - School of Veterinary Medicine, University of Pennsylvania and Deputy Associate Dean, University of Pennsylvania Veterinary Medicine is also on the DLE. He is the acting director of CART - the Philadelphia County Animal Response Team. SART is based on the principals of the Incident Command System developed by the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA, and involves a coordinated effort of government, corporate and animal organizations. SART's structure is organized on the grassroots level with County Animal Response Teams (CART). CARTs include local professionals, community leaders and concerned citizens.

We will provide contact information for these remaining members of the DLE. Perhaps they will be willing to impartially listen and act on our behalf.

John Gibble – President, NE Beagle Gundog Federation
Ms. Douglas Newbold – Pennsylvania Farm Bureau
Larry Breech – PA Farmers Union
Kristina Watson – PA Farm Bureau
Mary Remer – first vice president, Bull Terrier Club of America
Linda Lowney – Town and Country Kennel Inc.
Kim Kraemer – District manager, Pet Smart
Harold Stoneberger – Owner, Central Penn Hunting Clays
Cynthia Miller – American Kennel Club
Janet Mawhinney PA Sheep & Wool Growers Association
John Weinstein – Allegheny County Treasurer
Capt. Kenny O’Brien – K-9 Unit, Philadelphia Police Department

Thursday, November 02, 2006

Puppy Mill Propaganda Part III

The Shame of Pennsylvania
Puppy Mill Propaganda - Part III

A New Web Forms

In Parts I & II, we gave you basic outlines of the facts surrounding the current issues in Pennsylvania. Today, we give you even more. A
brand new kind of web !

A & N Research
_____________________________________________________________________________________ MOVING FURTHER INTO THE WEB

We promised, in Part II, to get back to the Main Line Rescue Board Members, so - let's proceed.


Main Line Rescue - Board of Directors

Helen M. Smith, President
Helen M. Smith is the mother of William E. Smith. She is listed as the President, however, on the current 990's, she is listed as the Treasurer. This is clearly a family affair.

William E. Smith, Treasurer
Founder and spokesman of Main Line Rescue . Smith has managed to lease, w/option to buy, the Old Pickering Hunt Club at 113 Cambridge/Chester Springs (Phoenixville) The new digs consist of, (so far), a 9,500 sq ft bldg with 79 kennels on 58 acres of open space. They will begin a campaign to raise $2.3 million to pay for these new digs. Currently, they have 2 employees and 50 volunteers. Their kennel manager is Megan Anderson.

Betsy Legnini, Chairman
In our last issue, we briefly mentioned that the Main Line Animal Rescue facilities had to be moved, due to eminent domain. Bob Smith and friends formed the Boxwood Five Partners to petition the East Pikeland Commission for a new property.

The Boxwood Five was represented by Bob and Betsy Legnini, Attorney Gregory Davis, Engineer Martin J. Swaggard and Bill Smith of Main Line Animal Rescue.
The French Pickering Creek Conservation, Inc. organization, yet another Pa. 501(c)3 organization, controlled the dealings. Their 2004 IRS 990 shows a net balance of $2,652,205. The 58 acre land conservation easement is on the French and Pickering Creeks. Are they concerned about the dog 'pollution' from the Main Line Rescue kennels? Could this possibly be the same group that protested in front of the capitol that was concerned about "animal pollution?" We checked. It is.
Bill Smith was very concerned about "puppy mills" doing just this when he spoke at the rally which was held on the steps of the Pennsylvania capital building.

Francine Diggs
Francine is listed as the MLR Secretary. She is also President of the VSI Group, Inc. VSI Group is one of the fastest growing companies in metering and customer services for utilities (electric, gas, and water), meter manufacturers, and municipalities with over 700 employees nationwide. Francine oversees business planning and development and strategic planning for the Company. She is a former Deputy State Treasurer of Pennsylvania, earned an MBA from Wharton and a BA from Howard University.

Betsy Fadem, Member
Betsy Fadem, another MLR BOD member, was elected to the Treddyfin/Easttown School District in Berwyn, PA in 2001. She is chair of the Policy Committee, a member of the Finance Committee and represents Easttown, Region 3. She has resided in T/E for nine years and her two children attend T/E schools. She once ran for a seat in Region Three.

Anne Hamilton, Vice Chairman
Anne Hamilton is the Vice Chairman of MLR, and is the daughter-in-law of of Dorrance “Do Do”Hamilton, the Campbell Soup Heir. She is the widow of brokerage executive, Samuel M. V. Hamilton. You might want to read the linked article we found about Anne (above). Quite an eye opener.

Dorrance "Dodo" Hamilton (above, right) leaves Criminal Justice Center after testifying yesterday.

Barry Katz, Esq., Legal Council
Barry, of Rosemont, Pennsylvania is President and General Counsel for Belmont Holdings Corp. located in Bala Cynwyd, PA. Belmont Holdings Corp., a private company, deals in miscellaneous monmetallic minerals, other crushed and broken stone mining and quarrying. They also mine and develop diatomaceous earth.

Vincent T. Donohue, Secretary
Vincent is also listed as Secretary for MLR. He is a partner at the firm of Lamb McErlane in West Chester, Pennsylvania. Since 1998, Vince Donohue has advised Lamb McErlane's clients on all matters related to business law, including business formation, equity structuring and recapitalization, owner relationships, debt and equity investments, tax and employment issues, leases and related financing arrangements, and real estate transactions.

Vince has successfully represented corporations and business owners in a long list of notable cases including a manufacturing client in the $7 million acquisition of a competitor's assets.

Vince's case experience also includes representing clients in the communications industry in connection with a $1.2 billion sale of stock by its shareholders; the Housing Authority of the County of Chester in connection with the restructuring and refinancing of its mixed-finance development projects; a closely held business in the creation, structuring and implementation of a business succession plan for its family member shareholders; and an operator of early childhood learning centers in a dispute with its landlord which was resolved by the acquisition of the subject real estate from the landlord.

As a former tax consultant, Vince provided tax consulting and advisory services for transactions involving many Fortune 500 companies.

Vince is actively involved in a number of Chester County organizations including the Foundation of the Chester County Chamber, The Chester County Chamber of Business & Industry, the Chester County Historical Society and the Tredyffrin Township Historic Preservation Trust.

Julie Becton, Director
Julie is listed as a MLR director. She is also the secretary of the USS Laffey Association which is dedicated to two WWII battleships, one of which is in the Patriots Point Naval and Maritime Museum, Mt. Pleasant, SC. Her father was Frederick Julian, a USN Rear Admiral.
USS Laffey Association
Julie Becton - Secretary
212 Cherry Lane
Wynnewood, PA 19096
(610) 642-8025

Marsha Perelman, Vice Chairman
Marsha Reines Perelman - Mrs. Jeffrey Perelman - is Vice Chair of Main Line Rescue and the sister-in-law of Revolon cosmetics chief, Ron Perelman.

Marsha wears many hats. She is the founder and chief executive officer of Woodforde Management, Inc. holding company (which donated to Democrat Bob Casey)and is located in Ardmore, PA. Her company with a similar name - Woodlorde Energy did the same. M.R. Perelman is co-founder and president of Clearfield Ohio Holdings, Inc., a gas gathering and distribution company. She is co-founder and VP of Clearfiled Energy, Inc., a crude oil gathering and distribution company. Add to that the title of VP of the Penn Central Energy Group of the Penn Central Coporation and Director of Penn Virginia Resource GP, LLC. Marsha is a Director for Leadership Philadelphia and a board member of the City Gala Advisory Board, along with Anne Hamilton and Governor Ed Rendell, who also sit on that board. It just so happens that Marsha is also on the BOD of the ASPCA and one of their corporate sponsors is Iams pet food. Coincidentally, Iams delivered 35,000 pounds of free dog and cat food to Main Line Rescue. We wonder if they know that PETA cites IAMS for cruelty in animal testing?

The Buddy System

Anne Hamilton, Marsha R. Perelman and Governor Edward G. Rendall all sat on the BOD of the Franklin Institute in 2004. You could just click here to see the whole gang on one page. Belmont Holdings, Perelman Theatre, Hamilton Gardens - along with some other interesting trivia! Also be sure to visit the Academy of Fine Arts in the Samual M.V. Hamilton Building - also chaired by the same group.

A little background history:

Raymond G. Perelman* is Chairman of the Board and Chief Executive Officer of RGP Holdings, Inc. and Belmont Holdings Corp. Both companies comprise a vast array of manufacturing, mining and financial interests. Raymond and Ruth Perelman are trustees of an Education Foundation which carries their name. In 2005, they donated $25 million to the PENN Medicine's Center. Their sons are Jeffrey E. and Ronald O. Ronald is Chairman of the BOD for MacAndrews & Forbes Holdings and Chairman of the BOD of the company's wholly-owned subsidiary, Revlon Consumer Products Corporation. Ronald is also a trustee of the Univ of Penn. He established the Ronald O. Perelman Professorship in Finance and the Perelman Quadrangle. Jeffrey is Chairman and CEO of JEP Management, Inc. and he is Secretary of the board of Trustees of the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia.
Raymond is also a Penn Medicine Trustee and has donated to Santorum. Raymond and Ruth are also Trustees of the Raymond and Ruth Perelman Education Foundation that supports Jewish cultural and welfare organizations.

Old Towels and Laundry Detergent Needed !!

Humorously interesting, we present you with this article. Megan Anderson says "MLAR doesn't just need money donations, but simple things such as old towels and laundry detergent."
With the support and backers they have, they can manufacture all the towels and detergent that they could ever need. They can get all the Revlon products they could wish for, and feed everybody Campbell Soup products forever. One quick signature on a check or the pocket change out of somebody's purse would give them the $2.3 million that they intend to dupe from the uneducated public - a public that has NO idea of what is truly behind a non profit, 501(c)3, very well funded, politically connected organization.

Are you running around collecting up old towels now? Doesn't it just make you want to run out and buy up all the Tide you can find to send to them?

Interesting last minute note

In 2004, MLR received a $5,000 grant from the Dade Community Foundation in FLORIDA !
We'll give you more information on this when our little spider returns from there with his report !!

UAPM (United Against Puppy Mills) is the media contact for the "Puppy Mill" campaign publicity. They work behind the scenes and keep their membership as private as possible. However, we do know they were founded in May 2005, that their PA business registration number is 3303231 and that their registered office address is 1305 Wheatland Ave in Lancaster.

The address belongs to J. Glenn Ebersole's J.G. Associates' office. He is also the founder of the Renaissance Group, on the board of the Advisors of Penn State, is running a 5-year term on the Lancaster Commission and Is Chair of the Strategic Planning Committee of the Modern Transit Authority. Each of these positions affords him many influential contacts within Pennsylvania.

His wife, Helen Ebersole, is one of the co-founders of UAPM. Helen is the Community Action Commissioner of Lancaster and on is on the Lancaster Zoning Commission. She is also on the Zoning Committee in Lancaster which just happens to review Kennel Licenses. Helen is also involved in many other community organizations and is the Continuing Education Co-ordinator for Penn State. Helen is a member of the Lancaster Italian Society and so is another UAPM co-founder, Josette A. Armini. In fact, Josette received a college scholarship from the Lancaster Italian Society.

We already mentioned Jackie Keeney in a prior issue, who wrote a letter on the Save-a-Dog letterhead representing UAPM, and posted it to the Save-A-Dog website. She is an attorney and member of the Maryland, Pennsylvania and Washington D.C. Bar Associations plus she has over ten years experience in the real estate market and title business.

The press stated that Dee Strathmeyer of Neffsville was also a UAPM member but she still remains illusive. However, no thread in the web will remain hidden forever. UAPM will be holding a special meeting in January, 2007 - a "refresher" course. Some of you might like to attend !

A name that kept popping up, but not included with any animal related organization, was Linda Figueroa. Helen Ebersole is the Community Action Commissioner of Lancaster, Linda Figueroa is the Executive Director of Community Action in Harrisburg. In 2003, Linda and J. Glenn Ebersole were appointed to the board of directors of MTP. Both Linda and J.Glenn hold seats in other endeavors, as well. If you go here, you will get some valuable information. Then Liz Figueroa (D-Ca) showed up here, along with Sally Tully Figueroa. All at the same site? Further investigation showed that Sally Tully Figueroa is a DDB representative for Puerto Rico and the secretary of this organization. Coincidentally, she is also the owner of this organization. We'll get back to that investigation at a later date for another issue. You can count on it.

What a Web !

Attorneys, real estate agents, city planners and more, help connect this web. Each has a useful purpose in the movement to shut down your kennels, your hobby, and take away your rights to own animals. These people and groups are politically motivated and have built their web on the limbs of animal rights rhetoric.


Political Contributions
Marsha R. Perelman of Woodford Energies to Rendell for Governor $7,500.00
Marsha R. Perelman of Woodforde Energy to Bob Casey for Senate $4,000.00

From the Delaware Valley Golden Retriever Rescue group:
"Thank you, Governor Rendell. Your support through letters, emails, and donations helps to ease a great many worries and we can't offer enough thanks for your part in helping us Goldens."

Governor Rendell holds a 10:30 am Capitol press conference to "make a major 'energy' announcement. Then at noon, he's in Gettysburg for the 2005 Golden Retriever Club of America's judging and Rescue Dog Parade. (Wonder if Bob Casey's aide was there, too?)

Until next issue, we leave you with these important messages:

From Lost and Found Dog Rescue - "Don't BUY a puppy from ANYONE in the Lancaster, Pa. (717) area code or ANYONE who "sells" puppies rather than rescues them.


From Save-A-Dog - Support Dog Adoption and Rescue. Why go to a DOG BREEDER or pet store to buy a dog when you can adopt?

NEXT ISSUE - Deeper into the Web
Rendell's new rules and regulations and new advisory board members !